Key management:100-150;180


Communication:TCP / IP

Store records:9999 (in the case of storage can’t be transmitted in real time)

Detail:i-keybox 150-180

product description:

> Only authorized users can get the key.
> Track key usage does not view the key information through theattendance book, you can easily print out the key usage reports.
> Key can be issued by phone, IPD and other authorized remote tools.
> Without management and supervision, 24 hours keys can be extractedat any time.
> Reduce risk and strengthen the implementation, without permission orno competent person must not touch the property of the company.
> Improve work efficiency, reduce production costs because we canquickly find the keys of people.
> Keys missing, to facilitatesearch.
> Take to achieve key / remote control information further inquiries.
> Reducing property damage accidents, saving the cost of production inthe premise of increasing management.


> Globally unique ID code, can’t be copied.
> Intelligent Keychain offer more variety ofcolor key chain, key ring is attached to the stainless steel chain, with aspecial tool to connect without keys, smart key bolt can be reused;
> Each key can be set period of time the useof personnel and long time use.
> Each key can be set for period of time forusers, to avoid that staff remove the key beyond working hours, or away fromwork area.
> Alarm will be activated if keys are not inright position;
> Single cabinet key management amount to about 12-150 key slots;
> Safety switches mortise lock: onlyauthorized users can open, keep separate emergency backup mechanical locks
> Alarm function, when the key cabinet wasforced open alarm will be activated;
> Built-illuminated LCD display for nightuse, and the other with Chinese characters in button to make use of the inputdata;
> Key positions not only on the LCD displayin Chinese, in digital form, and the LED light display the keys location;through LED lights of the keys position, it indicates the keys under one’sauthority;
> Each electronic key is locked, onlyauthorized users can remove;
> Backup battery can run for eight hours(optional larger UPS power supply), and when the system is out of power,quality lithium battery can keep the memory;
> Provide RS232 interface or RS485 interfacefor connecting a printer / computer or fingerprint;
> Cables can be connected to inside andoutside of the cabinet.

System Configuration:

> 1 intelligent key cabinet, 12 smart keybolts, 12 smart key slots, 1 intelligent control terminals, software 1 set
> Management Software: Powerful keymanagement software can save keys and users information, and can also operatethe system, in case when the device is not conducive to use on-site, you canalso choose to remotely taking and returning keys.
> Intelligent key cabinet: Cabinet keyintelligent system requires to use sturdy steel case and intelligent controlsystem, we can ensure the safety of all keys;
> intelligent control module: intelligentcontrol module by an independent CPU flash memory RF induction coil power locksand other components of the composition. Primarily used to identify electronictags, drive electric locks after the verification,record data.
> Intelligent Control Terminal: intelligentcontrol terminals use LCD(the person's name, key name, job status, etc.),waterproof touch keyboard design. With card, password, fingerprint (usinghigh-end live fingerprint module) three ways of identification, especially infingerprint technology, it uses living organisms fingerprint scanner. Singleauthentication, multiple authentication, free combination.
> RFID smart key bolt: built-in IntelligentKey plug required unique RFID radio frequency induction smart chip, to thecustody of the keys has a memory function. And is managed by a one-time keyseals snap on the smart key bolt, it can’t be removed, so as to ensure that thekey is not to be replaced.