Intelligent model Cloud Patrol8

Reading Distance:125k, 3-5 cm ; 2.4G 5-10m

Data Storage:20000

Reminder:OLED Chinese Display + beeper+indicator light

Battery:3.7V polymer lithium battery


Working Environment:-20-+70℃

IP Grade:67


Reading Time:<0.1s

Detail:Cloud Patrol 8 intelligent patrol terminal

Cloud Patrol 8 is one of the most intelligent guard tour system in the world, It’s can identify a living body’s fingerprint, make phone calls, collect checkpoint from certain distance.Military-grade components, dual color plastic design, durable shell with protection level IP67.speed call and SOS function. Vibrate and light to alert.

Cloud Patrol 8 components

△ Software: most important of guard tour system. Including “cloud tour”, B/S network version, C/S network version. Multilanguage support.
△ Patrol probe: dual color shell, durable material with fashion appearance, LED flashlight for 24-hour service , reserve multi- interface.
△ Communication card: Cell-phone SIM card,5 package.
△ Event book: setup the events before patrolling. Then confirm the events while patrolling.
△ Personnel: one for each personnel to identify.
△ Patrol checkpoint: install checkpoint along the route. each one represent one location. it can be indoor or outdoor.

Cloud Patrol 8 parameter

△ Alert methods:OLED LCD+buzzing+lights indicator
△ Material: wrapped plastic
△ Size: 15*6*2.5cm
△ Read distance :125k 3-5cm;2.4G 5-10m
△ Storage capacity: 60000
△ Protection Level: IP67
△ General configuration: one set software, one communication socket,charger

Configuration Table